“Eyes Upon Waking” is a passion project, told from my heart, about the disease of suicide and how it is misunderstood by society. 

This film uncovers the darkness in the minds of those who suffer from their emotions, yet shows how light can be found with the right kind of help. Those who are lost to us cannot be returned - I want to bring awareness of what they went through to those they've left behind. 

This story is for any person with a friend or family member who has taken their own life, and is left asking why.

Writers Notes:

This film is inspired by a true story about one woman’s struggle to come to terms with her own existence. This film has garnered a great deal of interest from a wide range of people - not only those who identify with the main character’s search for understanding within herself, but others who have lost people close to them and want to understand why.

The story is told with a surprising amount of humor, which keeps it entertaining while giving the audience a break from the drama. The target audience includes artistic-minded individuals as well as straightforward-thinking, everyday people who don’t know what it’s like to suffer their emotions. The appeal of the story is that it exposes psychological issues still mostly hidden throughout society - yet everyone in the world either knows someone who’s experienced these things, or felt this way themselves. When simply being alive is a life-or-death struggle, people are drawn to that conflict, and want to know what will happen with these characters.

With all of the programs featuring serial atrocities and personal tragedy in the name of entertainment, it is a great pleasure to focus on a film with a positive agenda. If we can reach just one viewer contemplating suicide or with suicidal tendencies and convince them to seek the support they need, then this is a film we must make.

Our goal is to put the viewer into Taren’s shoes.  As Carlos says at the end of the film, “You know why we hide our pain? Because no one else can really know how it feels.”

We need the audience to understand how Taren feels as she contemplates a third suicide attempt in as many weeks.  If the viewer can make that connection, then they can understand what makes her step back from that ledge and resume the challenge of “living” day to day.

At the same time, this film is not just about Taren but about the community that she helps and that in turn helps her.  On a character by character basis, we need to connect the audience with each of the other residents of the facility who provide a counterpoint perspective to Taren’s own story.

Today more then ever our society is finally ready to confront the major crisis of depression. Media outlets are addressing this disease that affects as many as 1 out of every 20 Americans. Society now recognizes that a person dealing with depression has the challenge of simply “functioning normally” every day of their life. “Eyes Upon Waking” explores this issue in a manner that is both entertaining and thought provoking.  Based on a true story, the characters are not only relevant but inspiring.

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“Life doesn't always end...just because you want it to.” Taren Foley

Written by Andy Golub and Jennifer Scott